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Studia Commercialia Bratislavensia

The Journal of University of Economics in Bratislava

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Analysis of E-marketing Strategies

Jamal Hasan1

Faculty of Commerce, Department of Business Technology, University of Economics in Bratislava, Dolnozemská cesta 1, 852 35 Bratislava1

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Citation Information: Studia commercialia Bratislavensia. Volume 4, Issue 14, Pages 201–208, ISSN (Print) 1337-7493, DOI: 10.2478/v10151-011-0006-z, December 2011

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Analysis of E-marketing Strategies

The Internet has led to an increasingly connected environment, and the growth of Internet usage has resulted in declining distribution of traditional media: television, radio, newspapers and magazines. Marketing in this connected environment and the use of that connectivity to market is e-marketing. E-Marketing embraces a wide range of strategies, but what underpins successful e-marketing is a user-centric and cohesive approach to these strategies. While the Internet and the World Wide Web have enabled what we call New Media, the theories that led to the development of the Internet have been developed since the 1950s. This paper focuses on only e-marketing strategies, not the plan of e-marketing.

Keywords: E-Marketing; World Wide Web; email campaign; E-marketing strategies; E-marketing strategies steps

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