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Volume 5, Issue 3-4 (Dec 2007)


Crossing Border: Constitutional Development and Internationalisation

Grotz, Florian / Toonen, Theo A.J

Page 299

Published Online: 03/10/2008

I. Historical and Intellectual Foundations of Comparative Constitutionalism

II. Constitutional Developments in Western Democracies

The American Constitution, the State, and Executive Prerogative

Rockman, Bert A / Waltenburg, Eric

Page 373

Published Online: 03/10/2008

III. Institutional Transformation and Constitutional Change

The Institutionalisation of Representative Democracy in Korea, 1948–2007

Jung, Yong-duck / Kim, Cheongsin

Page 427

Published Online: 03/10/2008

IV. State Structures and Constitutional Reform

Independent Civil Service Systems: a Contested Value?

Verheijen, Tony J. G

Page 540

Published Online: 03/10/2008

V. The Future of Constitutionalism in Multi-Level Environments

Constitutional Principles and Internationalisation

Scheltema, Michiel

Page 584

Published Online: 03/10/2008


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