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Zeitschrift für Kristallographie - Crystalline Materials

Ed. by Antipov, Evgeny / Bismayer, Ulrich / Huppertz, Hubert / Petrícek, Václav / Pöttgen, Rainer / Schmahl, Wolfgang / Tiekink, E. R. T. / Zou, Xiaodong

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The crystal structure of vanadium pentoxide

H. G. Bachmann / F. R. Ahmed / W. H. Barnes

Citation Information: Zeitschrift für Kristallographie. Volume 115, Issue 1-2, Pages 110–131, ISSN (Online) 0044-2968, ISSN (Print) 1433-7266, DOI: 10.1524/zkri.1961.115.1-2.110, July 2010

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The crystal structure of vanadium pentoxide, V2O5, has been redetermined with three-dimensional data obtained by photographic and by counter methods, and has been refined by differential syntheses. The results are in closer agreement with those of Byström, Wilhelmi and Brotzen than with those of Ketelaar. The probable space group is Pmnm and the unit-cell dimensions are a = 11.510 Å, b = 4.369 Å, c = 3.563 Å. The structure is built up from distorted trigonal bipyramidal coordination polyhedra of O around V, which share edges to form zigzag double chains along [001] and are cross-linked along [100] through shared corners, thus forming sheets in the xz plane.

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