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Founded in 1877!

Zeitschrift für Kristallographie - Crystalline Materials

Ed. by Antipov, Evgeny / Bismayer, Ulrich / Huppertz, Hubert / Petrícek, Václav / Pöttgen, Rainer / Schmahl, Wolfgang / Tiekink, E. R. T. / Zou, Xiaodong

12 Issues per year

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Volume 229, Issue 10 (Oct 2014)


Page i

Published Online: 10/01/2014

Graphical Synopsis

Page iii

Published Online: 10/01/2014

Inorganic Crystal Structures

Preparation of anionic clathrate-II K24-xGe136 by filling of Ge(cF136)

Böhme, Bodo / Reibold, Marianne / Auffermann, Gudrun / Lichte, Hannes / Baitinger, Michael / Grin, Yuri

Page 677

Published Online: 09/18/2014

Structural relaxation around Cr3+ at the Na(Al1-xCrx)P2O7 octahedral site: an XRPD and EAS study

Ardit, Matteo / Dondi, Michele / Zanelli, Chiara / Cruciani, Giuseppe

Page 687

Published Online: 09/12/2014

Synthesis and characterization of mullite-type (Al1-xGax)4B2O9

Hoffmann, Kristin / Murshed, M. Mangir / Fischer, Reinhard X. / Schneider, Hartmut / Gesing, Thorsten M.

Page 699

Published Online: 10/01/2014

Organic and Metalorganic Crystal Structures

Crystal structures of 1-hydroxylimidazole and imidazole 1-oxide derivatives

da Silva, Ramon Borges / da Silva, Edson Ferreira / Carvalho, Samir Aquino / Fraga, Carlos Alberto Manssour / Wardell, Solange M.S.V. / Wardell, James L.

Page 709

Published Online: 08/12/2014

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