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Founded in 1877!

Zeitschrift für Kristallographie - Crystalline Materials

Ed. by Antipov, Evgeny / Bismayer, Ulrich / Huppertz, Hubert / Petrícek, Václav / Pöttgen, Rainer / Schmahl, Wolfgang / Tiekink, E. R. T. / Zou, Xiaodong

12 Issues per year

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Volume 229, Issue 8 (Aug 2014)


Page i

Published Online: 08/05/2014

Graphical Synopsis

Page iii

Published Online: 08/05/2014

Review Article

Inorganic Crystal Structures

29Si MAS NMR spectroscopy and synchrotron XRD study of metamict Cardiff titanite

Zietlow, Peter / Beirau, Tobias / Groat, Lee A. / Paulmann, Carsten / Bismayer, Ulrich

Page 551

Published Online: 06/25/2014

Organic and Metalorganic Crystal Structures

Preparation and X-ray structures of selected aminium thiosulfates

Dąbrowska, Agnieszka / Chojnacki, Jarosław

Page 555

Published Online: 06/25/2014

One- and two-dimensional heteropolynuclear complexes with tetracyanonickelate(II) and 2-pyridinemethanol

Sayın, Elvan / Kürkçüoğlu, Güneş Süheyla / Yeşilel, Okan Zafer / Hökelek, Tuncer / Büyükgüngör, Orhan

Page 563

Published Online: 07/12/2014

Synthesis and characterization of cyclo-tetrakis(μ-oxo-dimethylaminoethanolato-κN:κO)tetrakis(iodozinc) toluene solvate and Bis(dimethylaminoethanol)cadmium(II)iodide

Alam, Naveed / Shahid, Muhammad / Mazhar, Muhammad / Rauf, Muhammad Khawar / Molloy, Kieran C. / Gill, Rohama

Page 573

Published Online: 07/18/2014

Crystal structures of (E)-2-(2-benzylidenehydrazinyl)quinoxalines: persistent N–H···N intermolecular hydrogen bonds but variable π···π interactions

de Souza, Marcus V.N. / Noguiera, Thais C.M. / Wardell, Solange M.S.V. / Wardell, James L.

Page 587

Published Online: 08/05/2014

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