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Zeitschrift für Physikalische Chemie

International journal of research in physical chemistry and chemical physics

Ed. by Rademann, Klaus

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Volume 227, Issue 9-11 (Nov 2013)

Milestones in Physical Chemistry: The Potential Energy Surface, from Eyring and Polanyi to the present day



Page i

Published Online: 11/01/2013


Personal Perspective

A Comment on Henry Eyring

Eyring, Edward M.

Page 1213

Published Online: 11/14/2013


Michael Polanyi, the Scientist

Polanyi, John C.

Page 1215

Published Online: 11/14/2013

Historical Paper

On Simple Gas Reactions

Eyring, H. / Polanyi, M.

Page 1221

Published Online: 11/11/2013

Feature Article

Elementary Gas Phase Reactions

Experimental and Theoretical Studies of Roaming Dynamics in the Unimolecular Dissociation of CH3NO2 to CH3O + NO

Homayoon, Zahra / Bowman, Joel M. / Dey, Arghya / Abeysekera, Chamara / Fernando, Ravin / Suits, Arthur G.

Page 1267

Published Online: 07/08/2013

Simultaneous Measurement of Reactive and Inelastic Scattering: Differential Cross Section of the H + HD → HD(v′, j′) + H Reaction

Jankunas, Justin / Sneha, Mahima / Zare, Richard N. / Bouakline, Foudhil / Althorpe, Stuart C.

Page 1281

Published Online: 08/05/2013

The Decomposition of Hydrazine in the Gas Phase and over an Iridium Catalyst

Schmidt, Michael W. / Gordon, Mark S.

Page 1301

Published Online: 09/30/2013

A Theoretical Study of the X-Abstraction Reactions (X = H, Br, or I) from CH2IBr by OH Radicals: Implications for Atmospheric Chemistry

Šulka, Martin / Šulková, Katarína / Louis, Florent / Neogrády, Pavel / Černušák, Ivan

Page 1337

Published Online: 06/10/2013

Models for Intrinsic Non-RRKM Dynamics. Decomposition of the SN2 Intermediate Cl––CH3Br

Paranjothy, Manikandan / Sun, Rui / Kumar Paul, Amit / Hase, William L.

Page 1361

Published Online: 08/05/2013

Chemical Reactions at Surfaces

Electronic Excitations in the Course of the Reaction of H with Coinage and Noble Metal Surfaces: A Comparison

Schindler, Beate / Diesing, Detlef / Hasselbrink, Eckart

Page 1381

Published Online: 06/17/2013

7D Quantum Dynamics of H2 Scattering from Cu(111): The Accuracy of the Phonon Sudden Approximationy

Bonfanti, Matteo / Somers, Mark F. / Díaz, Cristina / Busnengo, Heriberto Fabio / Kroes, Geert-Jan

Page 1397

Published Online: 06/17/2013

Kinetic Prefactors of Reactions on Solid Surfaces

Campbell, Charles T. / Árnadóttir, Líney / Sellers, Jason R. V.

Page 1435

Published Online: 08/05/2013

Toward Detection of Electron-Hole Pair Excitation in H-atom Collisions with Au(111): Adiabatic Molecular Dynamics with a Semi-Empirical Full-Dimensional Potential Energy Surface

Janke, Svenja M. / Pavanello, Michele / Kroes, Geert-Jan / Auerbach, Daniel / Wodtke, Alec M. / Kandratsenka, Alexander

Page 1467

Published Online: 08/05/2013

Initial Sticking Coefficient of H2 on the Pd–Cu(111) Surface Alloy at very Low Coverages

Farías, Daniel / Minniti, Marina / Al Taleb, Amjad / Miranda, Rodolfo

Page 1491

Published Online: 08/05/2013

Nitrogen Scattering at Ru(0001) Surfaces

Zaharia, Teodor / Ueta, Hirokazu / Kleyn, Aart W. / Gleeson, Michael A.

Page 1511

Published Online: 08/19/2013

Ready, Set and no Action: A Static Perspective on Potential Energy Surfaces commonly used in Gas-Surface Dynamics

Bukas, Vanessa Jane / Meyer, Jörg / Alducin, Maite / Reuter, Karsten

Page 1523

Published Online: 08/05/2013

Reactions in Clusters

Potential Energy Surfaces and Rates of Spin Transitions

Bessarab, Pavel F. / Uzdin, Valery M. / Jónsson, Hannes

Page 1543

Published Online: 07/08/2013

A Full-Dimensional Neural Network Potential-Energy Surface for Water Clusters up to the Hexamer

Morawietz, Tobias / Behler, Jörg

Page 1559

Published Online: 08/05/2013

Embedded Cluster Models for Reactivity of the Hydrated Electron

Uhlig, Frank / Jungwirth, Pavel

Page 1583

Published Online: 08/05/2013

Novel Experimenta Methods

Stark Deceleration of NO Radicals

Wang, Xingan / Kirste, Moritz / Meijer, Gerard / van de Meerakker, Sebastiaan Y. T.

Page 1595

Published Online: 06/17/2013

A Forty-Segment Molecular Synchrotron

Zieger, Peter C. / Eyles, Chris J. / van de Meerakker, Sebastiaan Y. T. / van Roij, André J. A. / Bethlem, Hendrick L. / Meijer, Gerard

Page 1605

Published Online: 09/30/2013

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