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Publication Date:
January 2013

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Handbooks of Communication Science [HoCS]...

Multi-volumed work

Handbooks of Communication Science [HoCS]

Ed. by Schulz, Peter J. / Cobley, Paul

eISSN: 2199-627X

Nonverbal Communication

Ed. by Hall, Judith A. / Knapp, Mark L.

Series:Handbooks of Communication Science [HoCS] 2

    Integrates the knowledge and perspectives from authors representing eight different countries around the world Each chapter summarizes current theory and research associated with behaviors and behavioral processes in which nonverbal cues play a crucial role in the outcome The book addresses theoretical issues necessary for advancing future research as well as practical issues necessary for a better understanding of everyday social situations.

    Aims and Scope

    The current volume, featuring 28 contributions from cutting-edge researchers, emphasizes uses, purposes, origins, and consequences of nonverbal communication in the lives of individuals, dyads, and groups - in other words, the behaviour of human beings. As such, the volume as a whole is not just about communication systems per se nor the impact on humans of the physical environment, whether built or natural. Instead, the volume focuses on humans engaging in nonverbal communication and the communicative and psychological aspects of this behaviour. Nonverbal behaviour is an inclusive category and includes all emitted nonverbal behaviour that may be subject to interpretation by others, whether the behaviour is intentionally produced or not. This panoramic volume, edited by two of the world's leading authorities on nonverbal communication, contains 28 essays presenting the state of the art in the domain of nonverbal behaviour study. Reginald B. Adams, Jr.Tamara D. AfifiPeter AndersenSarai BlincoeRoss W. BuckPeter BullJudee K. BurgoonVanessa L. CastroGaëtan CousinAmanda DenesM. Robin DiMatteoJohn P. DoodyJohn F. DovidioMarshall DukeHilary Anger ElfenbeinJosé-Miguel Fernández-DolsMark G. FrankJillian GannonRobert Gifford Laura K. GuerreroSarah D. GunneryAmy G. HalberstadtJudith A. HallJinni A. HarriganMonica J. HarrisHyisung C. HwangJessica KalchikArvid KappasMark L. KnappEva KrumhuberRavi S. KudesiaDennis KüsterMarianne LaFranceJessica L. LakinLeslie MartinDavid MatsumotoJoann M. MontepareAnthony J. NelsonStephen NowickiAlison E. ParkerSona PatelMiles L. PattersonStacie R. PowersKevin PurringKlaus SchererMarianne Schmid MastMichael A. StromElena SvetievaJoseph B. WaltherBenjamin WiedmaierLeslie A. Zebrowitz

    Supplementary Information

    Judith A. Hall, Northeastern University, Boston, MA, USA; Mark L. Knapp, University of Texas, Austin, TX, USA.

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