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Publication Date:
May 2012

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eBook (PDF)
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Theorie und Praxis der Titrationen mit chemischen und physikalischen Indikationen

[Volumetric Analysis]

Founded by Jander, Gerhart / Jahr, Karl-Friedrich

Rev. by Schulze, Gerhard / Simon, Jürgen / Martens-Menzel, Ralf

Series:De Gruyter Studium

    Aims and Scope

    This standard work on analytical chemistry deals with the fundamentals of volumetric analysis. It covers all areas from theory and important apparatus to practical laboratory applications.
    An essential book for the internship in quantitative inorganic analysis.

    24 x 17 cm
    xii, 371 pages
    95 Fig. 23 Tables
    Type of Publication:
    Analytical chemistry, Titration; Volumetric Analysis.
    Students of Chemistry, Trainees in medical/chemical/technical careers, Laboratories and Research Centers, Chemistry Reachers and Secondary School Pupils.

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