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October 2014

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Band 2

Biomedizinische Technik - Physikalische, medizinische und terminologische Grundlagen

Band 2

[Volume 2: Fundamentals and Basic Terminology in Physics, Medicine, Biology, and the Natural Sciences]

Ed. by Konecny, Ewald / Bulitta, Clemens

With contrib. by Lippmann, Hans Georg / Barth, Verena / Rudolph, Inge

    • Imparts fundamental scientific, technical, and medical principles with a special focus on the basic laws of physics and their mechanisms of action as well as the subjects of anatomy and physiology
    • Detailed background of medical terminology and specialized technical vocabulary
    • For students in the biomedical technology field pursuing technical diplomas or Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at universities and technical colleges

    Aims and Scope

    The second volume in the biomedical engineering textbook series covers the fundamental medical, scientific, and technical concepts required for understanding the other ten volumes in the series, which focus on various subfields.

    Approx. xv, 350 pages
    Type of Publication:
    Terminology; physics; anatomy; physiology; Biomedical Engineering
    Students in Bachelor’s, Master’s, and graduate degree science programs at universities and technical colleges in the field of biomedical engineering; medical students; lecturers, medical professionals; professionals in industry
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