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Publication Date:
December 2012

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eBook (PDF)
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Green Sciences

Chemical Energy Storage

Ed. by Schlögl, Robert

With contrib. by Aho, Atte / Antonietti, Markus / Arndt, Sebastian / Behrens, Malte / Bill, Eckhard / Brandner, Armin / Centi, Gabriele / Claus, Peter / Cox, Nicholas / DeBeer, Serena / DeMartini, Nikolai / Doblhofer, Karl / Franzke, Thomas / Freund, Hans-Joachim / Gastel, Maurice / Grunwaldt, Jan-Dierk / Hofmann, Gerhard / Hupa, Mikko / Kähler, Kevin / Kunkes, Edward / Loosdrecht, Jan / Lubitz, Wolfgang / Maier, Joachim / Menzel, Dietrich / Muhler, Martin / Murzin, Dmitry Yu. / Neese, Frank / Niemantsverdriet, J. W. (Hans) / Nilius, Niklas / Palkovits, Regina / Pantazis, Dimitrios A. / Perathoner, Siglinda / Petrenko, Taras / Rossmeisl, Jan / Samuelis, Dominik / Schlögl, Robert / Schomäcker, Reinhard / Schüth, Ferdi / Shaikhutdinov, Shamil / Sterrer, Martin / Strasser, Peter / Trunschke, Annette / Wright, William R. H. / Ye, Shengfa

Series:De Gruyter Textbook

    • Explains aspects of chemical energy storage in the context of the sensitivity of the geosphere to modifications in the carbon (and other element) cycle (e.g., greenhouse effect).
    • Gives a good practice-oriented review of what is feasible at industrial level– potential and risk.

    Aims and Scope

    The use of regenerative energy in many primary forms leads to the necessity to store grid dimensions for maintaining continuous supply and enabling the replacement of fossil fuel systems. Chemical energy storage is one of the possibilities besides mechano-thermal and biological systems.

    This work starts with the more general aspects of chemical energy storage in the context of the geosphere and evolves to dealing with aspects of electrochemistry, catalysis, synthesis of catalysts, functional analysis of catalytic processes and with the interface between electrochemistry and heterogeneous catalysis.

    Top-notch experts provide a sound, practical, hands-on insight into the present status of energy conversion aimed primarily at the young emerging research front.

    Supplementary Information

    Approx. xx, 479 pages
    Type of Publication:
    Catalysis; Chemical Engineering; Electrochemistry; Materials Science; Organic Chemistry

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    Robert Schlögl, Fritz-Haber-Institut derMax-Planck-Gesellschaft, Berlin, Germany.

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