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Publication Date:
March 2012

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ISBN 978-3-11-027845-3
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Deutscher Familiennamenatlas...

Multi-volumed work

Deutscher Familiennamenatlas

Ed. by Kunze, Konrad / Nübling, Damaris

Band 3

Fahlbusch, Fabian / Heuser, Rita / Nowak, Jessica / Schmuck, Mirjam

Morphologie der Familiennamen

[Atlas of German Family Names]

    Aims and Scope

    This work, containing more than a thousand maps and commentaries, is the first to document the surname stock of Germany by statistical occurrence and geographical distribution. There is a grammatical part dealing with the phonematics, graphematics, morphematics, and syntagmatics, while cultural historiansare served with a lexical part (surnames by place of origin, by occupation, by nicknames, by given names).

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    Supplementary Information

    24 x 17 cm
    xxxvii, 785 pages
    370 Fig.
    Type of Publication:
    Reference Work
    Family Names
    Academics, Libraries, Institutes

    "To sum up, the atlas provides a valuable, well-structured and broad overview of morphological phenomena in family names, based on an accurate analysis of a suitable dataset and a careful review of relevant research. Both frequent and infrequent regionally restricted phenomena are mapped, resulting in a comprehensive overview of morphological processes. The atlas will be relevant to research on the history of family names in general, and is a good starting point for innovative research in German onomastics."
    Sebastian Kürschner in: Linguist List 24.74

    Damaris Nübling und Konrad Kunze kommt der Verdienst zu, die Namenkunde durch große Projekte und gut platzierte und leicht zugängliche Publikationen vom Rand ins Zentrum der Sprachwissenschaft geführt und aus einer oftmals belächelten und Exoten zugeschriebenen Randdisziplin zu einem wertvollen Instrument für historische und systematische Sprachwissenschaft gemacht zu haben.
    Stefan Rabanus in: Beiträge zur Namensforschung, H.49, S. 466-468, 3/2014

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