Hysteroskopischer Wegweiser für Gynäkologen

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34,95 € / $49.00 / £26.99*

eBook (PDF)

3rd completely revised edition
To be published:
January 2017

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eBook (PDF)
ISBN 978-3-11-028234-4
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€ [D] 34.95*
US$ 49.00 / GBP 26.99*
eBook (EPUB)
ISBN 978-3-11-038850-3
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€ [D] 34.95*
US$ 49.00 / GBP 26.99*
ISBN 978-3-11-028231-3
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€ [D] 34.95*
US$ 49.00 / GBP 26.99*
ISBN 978-3-11-028235-1
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Römer, Thomas

Hysteroskopischer Wegweiser für Gynäkologen

[Guide to Hysteroscopy for Gynecologists]

Series:Frauenärztliche Taschenbücher

    • 3rd revised edition
    • Contains over 90 case examples from gynecological practice
    • With mnemonic guides and over 100 color illustrations

    Aims and Scope

    The diagnostic investigation of menstrual dysfunction and sterility is a routine part of gynecological practice. Hysteroscopy can expand the spectrum of diagnostic possibilities. The3rd revised edition of this handbook aims to familiarise the gynecologist with diagnostical hysteroscopy.About 100colour plates facilitate the acquisition of this technique as well as the correct assessment of findings. The book is conceived for newcomers to hysteroscopy and should contribute to the further establishment of this method.

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    Approx. v, 120 pages
    Type of Publication:
    Specialist Text
    Menstrual Disfunctions; Diagnostics; Diseases of the Uterus; Gynecology; Hysteroscopy
    Gynecologists in Practice and Clinic

    MARC record

    MARC record for eBook

    "Das Büchlein ist jedem klinisch tätigen Assistenzarzt im Rahmen der Ausbildung uneingeschränkt für die Kitteltasche zu empfehlen."
    J. Hucke in: Geburtshilfe und Frauenheilkunde 12/2008

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