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Publication Date:
April 2012

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ISBN 978-3-11-028267-2
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€ [D] 159.95*
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ISBN 978-3-11-028254-2
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Heier, Anke

Deutsche Fremdwortlexikografie zwischen 1800 und 2007

Zur metasprachlichen und lexikografischen Behandlung äußeren Lehnguts in Sprachkontaktwörterbüchern des Deutschen

[Foreign Word Lexicography Between 1800 and 2007 in Germany]

Series:Lexicographica. Series Maior 142

    Aims and Scope

    "Germany is the land of foreign word dictionaries," Peter von Polenz wrote in 1967, commenting on the German tendency to use borrowed expressions. This investigation considers the foreign word dictionary in its entirety from 1800–2007. It addresses not only the structural and lexicographic diversity of this dictionary type, but also discusses relevant historical factors.

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    Supplementary Information

    24 x 17 cm
    xvii, 577 pages
    21 Fig.
    Type of Publication:
    Lexicography; foreign-language/lexicon; dictionaries; loanwords; German/language; language contact
    Academics (Linguistics, German Studies, Lexicography), Libraries, Institutes
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