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Publication Date:
June 2013

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eBook (PDF)
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Murzin, Dmitry

Engineering Catalysis

Series:De Gruyter Textbook

    • Important topic: the production process of nearly every chemical
      substance or product used today requires a special catalyst.
    • Despite the plethora of books on catalysis on the market there is
      none: -focusing on engineering aspects of heterogeneous catalysis
      -at a graduate student level.

    Aims and Scope

    With well over 90% of all processes in the industrial chemical
    production being of catalytic nature, catalysis is a mature though
    ever interesting topic. The idea of this book is to tackle various
    aspects of heterogeneous catalysis from the engineering point of view
    and go all the way from engineering of catalysis, catalyst
    preparation, characterization, reaction kinetics, mass transfer to
    catalytic reactors and the implementation of catalysts in chemical
    technology. Aimed for graduate students it is also a useful resource
    for professionals coming from the more academic side.

    Supplementary Information

    xii, 364 pages
    Type of Publication:
    Chemical Engineering; Industrial Chemistry; Catalysis

    MARC record

    MARC record for eBook

    Dmitry Yu. Murzin, Abo Akademi University, Turku, Finland.

    „[… ] like an excellent fusion of views on catalysis from chemical engineering, kinetics, modern theoretical concepts, and characterization/materials science. Looks like a very useful and attractively written book. “
    Prof. Dr. J. W. (Hans) Niemantsverdriet, Eindhoven University of Technology

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