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Publication Date:
June 2012

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Kauschke, Christina

Kindlicher Spracherwerb im Deutschen

Verläufe, Forschungsmethoden, Erklärungsansätze

[German Language Acquisition in Children]

Series:Germanistische Arbeitshefte 45

    • Comprehensive discussion of German language acquisition
    • Incorporates the newest research
    • Numerous case studies
    • Extra chapters on multilingualism and speech development disorders

    Aims and Scope

    The volume begins with a review of the methods of modern language acquisition research, and then presents the basic stages in the acquisition of phonological, lexical, grammatical, and pragmatic skills. Following a detailed overview of the stages of language acquisition, various explanatory models are presented. The volume also contains chapters addressing multilingualism in children and speech development disorders.

    Supplementary Information

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