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Publication Date:
January 2012

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Wieland, Christoph Martin: Werke...

Multi-volumed work

Wieland, Christoph Martin: Werke

Oßmannstedter Ausgabe

Ed. by Manger, Klaus / Reemtsma, Jan Philipp

Band 14.1

1. Text Februar 1778 - Januar 1780

[February 1778 - January 1780]

Rev. by Haischer, Peter-Henning / Nowitzki, Hans-Peter / Hartmann, Tina

    Aims and Scope

    This volume presents Wieland’s work at the journal Der Teutsche Merkur. He wrote tirelessly for the magazine, ensuring it remained a quality publication. His contributions included Fragmente von Beyträgen zum Gebrauch derer, die sie brauchen können oder wollen (1778) and the incisive essay Zergliederung des Buchs, genannt: Leben, Bemerkungen und Meynungen Johann Bunkels (1778). His work as a journalist also influenced his poetry – for example, in the didactic poems Schach Lolo (1778), Der Vogelsang (1778), and Pervonte (1778-79).

    Supplementary Information

    23 x 15.5 cm
    vi, 652 pages
    Type of Publication:
    Wieland, Christoph Martin
    Academics, Libraries, Institutes

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