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Publication Date:
December 2013

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English Modality

Core, Periphery and Evidentiality

Ed. by Marín-Arrese, Juana I. / Carretero, Marta / Arús Hita, Jorge / van der Auwera, Johan

Series:Topics in English Linguistics [TiEL] 81


    Aims and Scope

    The book presents new issues and areas of work in modality and evidentiality in English(es), and in relation to other European languages (French, Galician, Lithuanian, Spanish). Given the complexity of the relations among modal and evidential expressions, their constant diachronic evolution, and the variation found in different English-speaking areas, and in different genres and discourse domains, the volume addresses the following issues: the conceptual nature of modality, the relationship between the domains of modality and evidentiality, the evolution and current status of the modal auxiliaries and other modal expressions, the relationship with neighbouring grammatical categories (tense, aspect, mood), and the variation in different discourse domains and genres, in modelling stance and discourse identities.

    Supplementary Information

    J. van der Auwera, Universiteit Antwerpen;J. I. Marín-Arrese, M. Carretero and J. Arús, Universitat Complutense de Madrid.

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