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119,95 € / $168.00 / £89.99*

eBook (PDF)

Publication Date:
May 2012

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eBook (PDF)
ISBN 978-3-11-028720-2
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€ [D] 119.95*
US$ 168.00 / GBP 89.99*
ISBN 978-3-11-028709-7
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€ [D] 119.95*
US$ 168.00 / GBP 89.99*
ISBN 978-3-11-028721-9
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Ette, Ottmar


Eine literarische Globalisierungsgeschichte

[TransArea. A Literary History of Globalization]

Series:mimesis 54

    Aims and Scope

    This volume takes the view that globalization is not a recent phenomenon, but instead an enduring process, marked by four periods of accelerated change. The Early Modern period in European historiography is linked to our present experience of globalization by way of the diverse global trends that took place during the Age of Modernity. The literatures of the world provide a visceral understanding of what can only be understood from the perspectives of multiple logics– namely, the life of our planet and its inhabitants. The wisdom of literature cannot be replaced by any other kind of knowledge: it is life’s wisdom about life.

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    Supplementary Information

    x, 334 pages
    Type of Publication:
    Literature; TransArea Studies; Life Knowledge; History of Globalization
    Academics (Romance Studies, Literary Studies, Cultural Studies), Libraries, Institutes

    MARC record

    MARC record for eBook

    "Ottmar Ette hat es wieder einmal geschafft, Literatur und Literaturwissenschaft in der vierten Phase beschleunigter Globalisierung eine ganz besondere Rolle zuzusprechen. Das weltweite Insularium als Imaginarium zeigt: Erst durch Literatur wird die Welt in ihrer Weite fassbar."
    Martina Kopf in:

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