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Publication Date:
July 2012

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eBook (PDF)
ISBN 978-3-11-029007-3
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ISBN 978-3-11-028983-1
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More by Hartner, Marcus:

Hartner, Marcus

Perspektivische Interaktion im Roman

Kognition, Rezeption, Interpretation

[Interacting Perspectives in the Novel: Cognition, Reception, Interpretation]

Series:Narratologia 32

    Aims and Scope

    How do we internalize literary characters and their fictional consciousness when we are reading? How does multi-perspectivity function? Drawing on modern cognitive research, this study addresses how the perspectives of different characters interact, and demonstrates that this interaction plays a critical role in our understanding and interpretation of literary texts. Using the English novel as an example, the author develops a general theory of perspectival interaction and demonstrates its explanatory power through detailed illustrative analyses.

    Supplementary Information

    x, 374 pages
    Type of Publication:
    English Language Literature; Narration/in Literature; Perspective (Literature); Novel; Novel Form
    Academics, Libraries, Institutes

    MARC record

    MARC record for eBook

    Marcus Hartner, University of Bielefeld, Germany.

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