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Publication Date:
September 2012

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Language Contact in a Postcolonial Setting

The Linguistic and Social Context of English and Pidgin in Cameroon

Ed. by Anchimbe, Eric A.

Series:Language Contact and Bilingualism [LCB] 4


    Aims and Scope

    This timely book brings together research on the features and evolution of Cameroon English and Cameroon Pidgin English, approached from a variety of innovative multilingual frameworks that focus on the emergence of mother tongue speakers. The authors illustrate how language and population contact, history (colonialism), multilingualism, translation, and indigenization have contributed to shaping the norms of postcolonial Englishes and Pidgins. Employing naturalistic data, the volume provides a new fascinating perspective that better situates and supplements existing research in the fields of African Englishes and Creolistics. It is particularly of key interest to sociolinguists, contact linguists, Africanists, Anglicists, creolists and historical linguists.

    Eric A. Anchimbe, University of Bayreuth, Germany.
    "In sum, this volume sheds new light on different aspects of both CamE and CPE and provides the reader with original language samples. Moreover, the studies presented by the authors can be further used in the comparative analyses of, for example, aspect-tense-modality markers or reduplication found in pidgins and creoles, and therefore, this work opens new possibilities for further research on CamE, CPE, and other related pidgins and creoles and world Englishes, which is what each new contribution to any field of science should do."Marcin Walczynski in: Linguist List 24.993
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