Unzertrennliche Drillinge?

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Publication Date:
March 2013

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ISBN 978-3-11-029240-4
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ISBN 978-3-11-029238-1
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Engelmann, Michaela

Unzertrennliche Drillinge?

Motivsemantische Untersuchungen zum literarischen Verhältnis der Pastoralbriefe

[Inseparable Triplets?]

Series:Beihefte zur Zeitschrift für die neutestamentliche Wissenschaft 192

    Aims and Scope

    Ever since the work of Heinrich Julius Holtzmann, the pastoral epistles have been regarded as “inseparable triplets”. And yet, if one analyzes these letters as a corpus of literary works, it is hard to find a plausible explanation for the substantive differences between them. Therefore, this study returns to the question of the specific nature of the individual epistles and their literary relationships. In the end, it can be shown that the first Letter to Timothy is the most recent text. Its author had already received the two other pastoral epistles as part of the Pauline tradition.

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    Supplementary Information

    23 x 15.5 cm
    Includes a print version and an ebook
    Type of Publication:
    Ancient Christianity; Pastoral Epistles; Deutero-Pauline Letters; Pastoral Letters; Pauline School
    Academics, Libraries, Institutes

    MARC record

    MARC record for eBook

    “[...] eine wichtige und wertvolle Vergleichsstudie zum Umgang nordeuropäischer Gebiete mit dem "Barbareskenproblem" [...].”
    Manja Quakatz in: Zeitschrift für Historische Forschung 41, S. 494-496, 3/2014

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