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To be published:
January 2015

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    Lecheler, Helmut / Gundel, Jörg

    Übungen im Europarecht

    [Exercises in European Union Law]

    Series:Jura Übungen

      Aims and Scope

      The book contributes to the preparation for examinations in EuropeanUnion Law. It is directed at advanced students of the elective subject. The test material will be covered in 17 cases on an examination level. Elective subject group beginners and students who want to compile EuropeanUnion Law in the compulsory subject area can also utilize the case collection meaningfully - ideally in addition to a textbook. The thematic spectrum of the text cases of relatively uniform (high) degree of difficulty ranges from the fundamentals and institutions of theEU via the relationship to national law, the problems of the EU's legal protection system including the various levels of the protection of fundamental rights, the enforcement ofEU law (including matters of state liability), the basic problems and individual questions of basic freedoms up to and including the Union's policies (agricultural policy in a representative capacity here), as well as the particular exam-relevant questions of the EU's external relations and the references to international law. The work has been fundamentally revised for the new edition.

      Type of Publication:
      European Union Law
      Students, Law Clerks, Teachers, Professors, Academic Departments, Libraries

      "[...] Das Buch [...] ist daher für die Examensvorbereitung, übrigens auch für Referendare, sehr gut geeignet. [...] Das Buch kann daher uneingeschränkt empfohlen werden."
      Wiss. Ass. Dr. Thorsten Kingreen, Münster in: Jura - Juristische Ausbildung 6/2000

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