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Publication Date:
January 2012

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The World of Linguistics...

Multi-volumed work

The World of Linguistics

Ed. by Hock, Hans Henrich

Volume 2

The Indigenous Languages of South America

A Comprehensive Guide

Ed. by Campbell, Lyle / Grondona, Verónica

    an up-to-date reference work for the indigenous languages of South America the "continent-focus" makes this a unique publication, in line with the other continent-focused volumes of the series includes an extensive language index, listing the languages’ multiple names and their alternate and different spellings

    Aims and Scope

    Excerpt Open publication The Indigenous Languages of South America: A Comprehensive Guide is a thorough guide to the indigenous languages of this part of the world. With more than a third of the linguistic diversity of the world (in terms of language families and isolates), South American languages contribute new findings in most areas of linguistics. Though formerly one of the linguistically least known areas of the world, extensive descriptive and historical linguistic research in recent years has expanded knowledge greatly. These advances are represented in this volume in indepth treatments by the foremost scholars in the field, with chapters on the history of investigation, language classification, language endangerment, language contact, typology, phonology and phonetics, and on major language families and regions of South America. Reduced series price (print) available! > For orders, please contact degruyter@de.rhenus.com.

    Supplementary Information

    xi, 750 pages
    Type of Publication:
    General Linguistics; Indigenous Languages of South America

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    Lyle Campbell, University of Hawai'i at Manoa, USA;Verónica Grondona, Eastern Michigan University, USA.

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