Handelsgesetzbuch - Band 10/1 Bankvertragsrecht 1

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Publication Date:
December 2015

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Multi-volumed work


Founded by Staub, Hermann

Ed. by Canaris, Claus-Wilhelm / Habersack, Mathias / Schäfer, Carsten

Band 10/1

Bankvertragsrecht 1

Organisation des Kreditwesens und Bank-Kunden-Beziehung

[Bank Contract Law, Part 1: The Organization of the Credit System and Bank-Customer Relationships]

Rev. by Grundmann, Stefan

Series:Großkommentare der Praxis 10/1

    Aims and Scope

    The first portion of the partial volume on Bank Contract Law elucidates the legal framework for the banking business. It discusses the fundamentals of regulatory law, examines institutions and institutional groups, and addresses the fundamentals of business administration for banks. The second portion focuses on the overall bank-customer relationship. It presents general obligations, discusses the bank account as the central element of the bank-customer relationship, and examines the general terms and conditions applicable to banks and savings banks.

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    24 x 17 cm
    xxxiv, 382 pages
    Type of Publication:
    Commercial law
    Attorneys, notaries, accountants, tax advisors, courts, legal departments, scholars, institutes, and libraries
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