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44,95 € / $63.00 / £33.99*

eBook (PDF)

Publication Date:
August 2014

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eBook (PDF)
ISBN 978-3-486-74731-7
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€ [D] 44.95*
US$ 63.00 / GBP 33.99*
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ISBN 978-3-486-98956-4
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€ [D] 44.95*
US$ 63.00 / GBP 33.99*
ISBN 978-3-486-74728-7
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€ [D] 44.95*
US$ 63.00 / GBP 33.99*
ISBN 978-3-486-98957-1
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Vernetzte Organisation

[The Networked Organization]

Ed. by Richter, Alexander

With contrib. by Aschoff, Felix-Robinson / Back, Andrea / Bansemir, Bastian / Behrendt, Sebastian / Bender, Jens / Bentele, Markus / Bülow, Christina / Bullinger-Hoffmann, Angelika C. / Denner, Jonathan / Diehl, Roland / Doll, Bernhard / Dückert, Simon / Ehms, Karsten / Frick, Norbert / Geissler, Peter / Geissler, Jörg / Grabmeier, Stephan / Grosse, Dirk / Gülpen, Christian / Hakes, Christoph / Hauder, Matheus / Heiss, Michael / Herzog, Christian / Hieronimus, Solveigh / Jödicke, Corinna / Kaiser, Stephan / Kley, Katharina / Klier, Julia / Klier, Alexander / Koch, Michael / Königstein, Heiko / Kozica, Arjan / Kramer, Markus / Kraus, Hans / Langen, Manfred / Lauber, Jürgen / Lemân, Fritjof / Loeffler, Thomas / Metscher, Johannes / Ott, Florian / Piller, Frank / Prinz, Wolfgang / Rebhan, Volker / Rhenius, Marcus / Riehs, Peter / Roth, Sascha / Ruckriegel, Harald / Schaefer, Sebastian / Schimek, Ines / Schirmer, Harald / Schmaltz, Christoph / Schmidt, Jan-Hinrik / Schnurr, Jan-Mathias / Schön, Sabine / Schwabe, Gerhard / Steinhüser, Melanie / Stern, Sebastian / Strobl, Helmut / Sütterlin, Sarah / Trier, Matthias / Trude, Ellen / Ulbricht, Carsten / Wagner, David / Wagner, Philipp / Wegscheider, Michael / Wittenbrink, Heinz / Zacher, Andreas / Zagst, Michael / Zec, Marin

    • Integrates social, organizational, and technological aspects of global change through networking
    • Engages in interdisciplinary dialogue about the corporate culture of the future.

    Aims and Scope

    We live in an ever more networked world. New technologies enable flexible and targeted communication within a firm, resulting in more efficient knowledge transfer and improved employee networking. This study examines attendant changes taking place at the social, organizational, and technological levels. It draws upon experts from varied academic disciplines and organizational departments to develop an integrated understanding of these phenomena.

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    Supplementary Information

    ix, 365 pages
    Type of Publication:
    Communication, social media, networking, knowledge transfer, organization
    Students of computer science, information systems, business sciences as well as entrepreneurs and practitioners

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