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Publication Date:
March 2011

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ISBN 978-3-11-021578-6
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Ess, Josef van

Der Eine und das Andere

Beobachtungen an islamischen häresiographischen Texten

[The One and the Other. Observations on Islamic Heretical Texts]

Series:Studien zur Geschichte und Kultur des islamischen Orients N.F. 23

    Aims and Scope

    In this volume the history of Islamic sects is analysed as a literary genus in its own right. It consists of three sections: the first deals with structural constants in the texts such as the arrangement, or the number and classification of the “sects.” The main section describes the most important works and authors from the 8th to the 19th century. Finally, the central concepts - “religion,” “sects,” “orthodoxy,” etc. - are considered and the historical background of the literary development examined in more detail. It turns out that the “heresies” were rather “confessions” which can be understood as proof of the pluralistic structure of the Islamic community.

    23 x 15.5 cm
    2 vols. Cplt. approx. 1400 pages
    Type of Publication:
    Islamic Theology; Heresy Studies; Cultural History of the Islamic World
    Academics, Libraries, Institutes

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