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59,95 € / $84.00 / £44.99*


To be published:
October 2017

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eBook (PDF)
ISBN 978-3-89949-666-6
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€ [D] 39.95*
US$ 56.00 / GBP 29.99*
eBook (EPUB)
ISBN 978-3-11-038695-0
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€ [D] 39.95*
US$ 56.00 / GBP 29.99*
ISBN 978-3-89949-441-9
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€ [D] 39.95*
US$ 56.00 / GBP 29.99*
ISBN 978-3-11-173551-1
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€ [D] 59.95*
US$ 84.00 / GBP 44.99*
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Kähne, Volker

Stätten der Justiz in Berlin und ihre Geschichte

[Sites of Justice in Berlin]

    Aims and Scope

    Berlin is an important site for the history of justice in Germany. The book documents the history of justice here from 1468, with the first documented reference to the Kammergericht ("Court of Appeal"), through to the present, as well as the sites at which it all took place, and is still taking place. This interesting presentation is rounded off by many illustrations.

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    24.0 x 20.0 cm
    Includes a print version and an ebook
    50 Fig.
    Type of Publication:
    Berlin (History); Law Courts
    Jurists, Administration of Justice, Judicature, Journalists, Politicians, Students, Libraries

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