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eBook (PDF)

Publication Date:
August 2012

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eBook (PDF)
ISBN 978-3-11-024023-8
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ISBN 978-3-11-024022-1
€ [D] 109.95 / US$ 154.00 / GBP 82.99*
ISBN 978-3-11-174740-8
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    Green Sciences

    Worch, Eckhard

    Adsorption Technology in Water Treatment

    Fundamentals, Processes, and Modeling

      • All aspects of adsorption technology in water treatment from theoretical principles to practical applications
      • Overview on adsorbents, their characterization and suitability
      • Basics of adsorption equilibrium, kinetics and dynamics with particular attention to competitive adsorption of micropollutants and background organic matter
      • Design of batch and fixed-bed adsorbers
      • Introduction into geosorption processes in bank filtration and groundwater recharge

      Aims and Scope

      Adsorption processes have played a central role in water treatment for many years but their importance is on the rise with the continuous discoveries of new micropollutants in the water cycle (pharmaceuticals for example). In addition to the classical application in drinking water treatment, other application fields are attracting increasing interest, such as wastewater treatment, groundwater remediation, treatment of landfill leachate, and so on.
      Based on the author's long-term experience in adsorption research, the scientific monograph treats the theoretical fundamentals of adsorption technology for water treatment from a practical perspective. It presents all the basics needed for experimental adsorption studies as well as for process modelling and adsorber design.
      Topics discussed in the monograph include: introduction into basic concepts and practical applications of adsorption processes; adsorbents and their characterisation, single and multi-solute adsorption equilibria, adsorption kinetics, adsorption dynamics in fixed-bed adsorbers and fixed-bed adsorber design, regeneration and reactivation of adsorbents, introduction into geosorption processes in bank filtration and groundwater recharge. According to the increasing importance of micropollutants in the water cycle, particular attention is paid to their competitive adsorption in presence of background organic matter.
      Clear illustrations, extensive literature references and a useful index make this work indispensible for both scientists and technicians involved in water treatment.

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      Supplementary Information

      xii, 332 pages
      Type of Publication:
      Specialist Text
      Adsorption; Activated Carbon; Drinking Water Treatment; Micropollutants; Waste Water Treatment; Adsorber Design; Geosorption

      MARC record

      MARC record for eBook

      Eckhard Worch, Technical University Dresden, Germany.

      "The book is clearly and carefully written, the figures are well designed, and the derivations of the mathematical equations can be readily followed. The result is a book that will be a valuable resource for graduate students, adsorption researchers, and design engineers alike. Professor Worch succeeded in developing a reference book that will serve the water treatment community for years to come."
      Detlef Knappe

      „Eckhard Worch hat das Standard-Fachbuch zur Adsorption verfasst, an dem sich andere Autoren messen lassen müssen und das für Forscher wie Anwender nachdrücklich empfohlen wird. Es ist nicht zu viel versprochen, aber es wird über Jahrzehnte das Referenzbuch zur Adsorption sein, [...].“
      Martin Jekel in: Korrespondenz Abwasser und Abfall 2/2013

      "Eckhard Worch has written the standard work in adsorption which will be the new measure of excellence for future authors. It is highly recommended for both researchers and professionals. It is not an exaggeration that this work will be the reference work on adsorption for the next decades, [...].“
      Martin Jekel in: Korrespondenz Abwasser und Abfall 2/2013

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