Zivilprozessordnung und Nebengesetze

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Zivilprozessordnung und Nebengesetze


Founded by Wiezcorek, Bernhard

Ed. by Schütze, Rolf A.

3. völlig neu bearb. Aufl.

1994 ff. Ca 13.200 Seiten in 13 Bänden + Registerband. Halbleder. Ca. € 3.830,-. Abnahmeverpflichtung für das Gesamtwerk. Die Auflage wurde im Dezember 2010 abgeschlossen.

    Aims and Scope

    The Wieczorek/Schütze commentary covers German law of Civil Procedure (ZPO). The third edition comprises 13 volumes plus an index volume and includes 12,800 pages of detailed and comprehensive information on the law of civil procedure. Alongside the ZPO and EGZPO (Introductory Law to the Law of Civil Procedure) the international Law of Civil Procedure, including the new 11th book of the ZPO, as well as Judicature Law and its introductory law are covered. Alongside questions of jurisdiction the commentaries particularly consider service in the EU member states of judicial and extrajudicial documents and the European Law of Civil Procedure.

    The commentary is tailored to meet the demands and requirements of civil law practitioners. The team of authors includes judges, lawyers and professors. Twelve volumes of the third edition have so far been published. The edition will be completed mid-2009.

    24 x 17 cm
    3. völlig neu bearb. Aufl.
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