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Liver Regeneration

Ed. by Häussinger, Dieter

Series:De Gruyter Textbook

    2 Oval Cells, Bone Marrow, and Liver Regeneration

    Piscaglia, Anna C. / Gasbarrini, Antonio / Petersen, Bryon E.

    Pages 17-38

    5 The Hepatic Stem Cell Niches

    Sawitza, Iris / Kordes, Claus / Häussinger, Dieter

    Pages 63-84

    6 Stellate Cells in the Regenerating Liver

    Kordes, Claus / Sawitza, Iris / Häussinger, Dieter

    Pages 85-98

    7 Epigenetics during Liver Regeneration

    Kordes, Claus / Sawitza, Iris / Häussinger, Dieter

    Pages 99-110

    8 Hedgehog Signaling and Liver Regeneration

    Choi, Steve S. / Diehl, Anna Mae

    Pages 111-128

    10 Angiogenesis and Liver Regeneration

    Buschmann, Tobias / Eglinger, Jan / Lammert, Eckhard

    Pages 145-158

    11 A Quantitative Mathematical Modeling Approach to Liver Regeneration

    Drasdo, Dirk / Hoehme, Stefan / Hengstler, Jan G.

    Pages 159-174

    12 Animal Models for Studies on Liver Regeneration

    Hovhannisyan, Amalya / Gebhardt, Rolf

    Pages 175-190

    13 Therapeutic Potential of Bone Marrow Stem Cells in Liver Surgery

    Esch, Jan Schulte am / Schmelzle, Moritz / Fürst, Günter / Knoefel, Wolfram Trudo

    Pages 191-206

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