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Ethical Dilemmas in Assisted Reproductive Technologies

Ed. by Schenker, Joseph G.

    Table of Contents

    3 Reproductive rights as an integral part of women’s rights

    Benagiano, Giuseppe / Carrara, Sabina / Filippi, Valentina

    Pages 29-42

    4 Right to reproduce

    Kaur, Harpreet / Rao, Kamini A.

    Pages 43-52

    12 Pregnancies in perimenopause and beyond

    Shufaro, Yoel / Schenker, Joseph G.

    Pages 139-148

    15 Preimplantation genetic diagnosis of late-onset diseases

    Papp, Zoltán / Várkonyi, Tibor / Váradi, Valéria

    Pages 175-188

    19 Fertility preservation for cancer patients: a review of current options and their advantages and disadvantages

    Reinblatt, Shauna / Ata, Barnis / Shalom-Paz, Einat / Tan, Seang Lin / Holzer, Hananel

    Pages 219-232

    21 Access to fertility treatment by lesbian couples

    Marina, Simón / Marina, Fernando / Marina, David

    Pages 245-256

    22 ART practice and tourism

    Inhorn, Marcia C. / Patrizio, Pasquale

    Pages 257-268

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