Population Dynamics in Prehistory and Early History

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Population Dynamics in Prehistory and Early History

New Approaches Using Stable Isotopes and Genetics

Ed. by Kaiser, Elke / Burger, Joachim / Schier, Wolfram

Series:Topoi – Berlin Studies of the Ancient World/Topoi – Berliner Studien der Alten Welt 5

    Open Access

    Table of Contents


    Pages v-viii


    Pages ix-x


    Domestication and migrations: Using mitochondrial DNA to infer domestication processes of goats and horses

    Gerbault, Pascale / Leonardi, Michela / Powell, Adam / Weber, Christine / Benecke, Norbert / Burger, Joachim / Thomas, Mark G.

    Pages 17-30

    The arrival of domesticated animals in South-Eastern Europe as seen from ancient DNA

    Scheu, Amelie / Geörg, Christina / Schulz, Anna / Burger, Joachim / Benecke, Norbert

    Pages 45-54

    Stable isotopes and genetics

    Prehistoric populations of Ukraine: Migration at the later Mesolithic to Neolithic transition

    Lillie, Malcolm C. / Potekhina, Inna / Budd, Chelsea / Nikitin, Alexey G.

    Pages 77-92

    Human migrations in the southern region of the West Siberian Plain during the Bronze Age: Archaeological, palaeogenetic and anthropological data

    Molodin, Vyacheslav I. / Pilipenko, Alexander S. / Romaschenko, Aida G / Zhuravlev, Anton A. / Trapezov, Rostislav O. / Chikisheva, Tatiana A. / Pozdnyakov, Dmitriy V.

    Pages 93-112

    Stable isotopes

    The emergence of the LBK: Migration, memory and meaning at the transition to agriculture

    Zvelebil, Marek / Lillie, Malcolm C. / Montgomery, Janet / Lukes, Alena / Pettitt, Paul / Richards, Mike P.

    Pages 133-148

    “Widely travelled people” at Herxheim? Sr isotopes as indicators of mobility

    Turck, Rouven / Kober, Bernd / Kontny, Johanna / Haack, Fabian / Zeeb-Lanz, Andrea

    Pages 149-164

    Identifying kurgan graves in Eastern Hungary: A burial mound in the light of strontium and oxygen isotope analysis

    Gerling, Claudia / Heyd, Volker / Pike, Alistair / Bánffy, Eszter / Dani, János / Köhler, Kitti / Kulcsár, Gabriella / Kaiser, Elke / Schier, Wolfram

    Pages 165-176

    Isotope ratio study of Bronze Age samples from the Eurasian Caspian Steppes

    Shishlina, Natalia / Sevastyanov, Vyacheslav / Hedges, Robert E.M.

    Pages 177-198

    Migration and mobility in the latest Neolithic of the Traisen Valley, Lower Austria: Sr isotope analysis

    Irrgeher, Johanna / Teschler-Nicola, Maria / Leutgeb, Katrin / Weiß, Christopher / Kern, Daniela / Prohaska, Thomas

    Pages 199-212

    Strontium isotopes in faunal remains: Evidence of the strategies for land use at the Iron Age site Eberdingen-Hochdorf (Baden-Württemberg, Germany)

    Stephan, Elisabeth / Knipper, Corina / Schatz, Kristine / Price, T. Douglas / Hegner, Ernst

    Pages 265-286

    Mobility in Thuringia or mobile Thuringians: A strontium isotope study from early medieval Central Germany

    Knipper, Corina / Maurer, Anne-France / Peters, Daniel / Meyer, Christian / Brauns, Michael / Galer, Stephen J.G. / von Freeden, Uta / Schöne, Bernd / Meller, Harald / Alt, Kurt W.

    Pages 287-310

    Isotopes and mobility: Case studies with large samples

    Price, T. Douglas / Frei, Karin Margarita / Tiesler, Vera / Gestsdóttir, Hildur

    Pages 311-322

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