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Functional Vertebrate Morphology

Ed. by Hildebrand, Milton / Bramble, Dennis M. / Liem, Karel F. / Wake, David B.



    Pages vii-X

    Chapter 7. Swimming

    Webb, Paul W. / Blake, Robert W.

    Pages 110-128

    Chapter 13. Feeding Mechanisms of Lower Tetrapods

    Bramble, Dennis M. / Wake, David B.

    Pages 230-261

    Chapter 14. Mastication, Food Transport, and Swallowing

    Hiiemae, Karen M. / Crompton, Alfred W.

    Pages 262-290

    Chapter 15. The Octavolateralis System

    Fay, Richard R. / Popper, Arthur N.

    Pages 291-316

    References, Acknowledgments, Contributors, Index

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