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The story of a book forgery

Galileo's O...

Multi-volumed work

Galileo's O

Ed. by Bredekamp, Horst

Volume III

A Galileo Forgery

Unmasking the New York Sidereus Nuncius

Ed. by Bredekamp, Horst / Brückle, Irene / Needham, Paul

    Open Access


    Bredekamp, Horst / Brückle, Irene / Hahn, Oliver / Mayer, Manfred / Needham, Paul / Pickwoad, Nicholas / Smith, Theresa

    Pages 9-14

    III The Evidence of the Forged Paper

    Brückle, Irene / Smith, Theresa / Mayer, Manfred

    Pages 35-60

    IV The Evidence of the Forged

    Pickwoad, Nicholas

    Pages 61-70

    V The Evidence of the Forged Padua

    Brückle, Irene / Mayer, Manfred

    Pages 71-76

    VIII Final Thoughts

    Needham, Paul / Brückle, Irene / Bredekamp, Horst

    Pages 95-103

    Photo Credits

    Pages 104-104

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