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We publish over 1,100 books and over 16,000 journal articles every year, including more than 100 books and 4,500 articles in open access, across the humanities, sciences, technology, medicine and social sciences.
Wir veröffentlichen jedes Jahr über 1.100 Bücher und über 16.000 Zeitschriftenartikel, darunter mehr als 100 Bücher und 4.500 Artikel im Open Access, aus den Bereichen Geisteswissenschaften, Naturwissenschaften, Technik, Medizin und Sozialwissenschaften.
New books
After the Terror Ted Honderich
The Poetry of Scotland Gaelic, Scots & English 1380–1980 Roderick Watson
Sex Is as Sex Does Governing Transgender Identity Paisley Currah
Twilight of the Literary Figures of Thought in the Age of Print Terry Cochran
Policing the Racial Divide Urban Growth Politics and the Remaking of Segregation Daanika Gordon
New articles
New in open access
Five decades of GSI superheavy element discoveries and chemical investigation Christoph E. Düllmann, Michael Block, Fritz P. Heßberger, Jadambaa Khuyagbaatar, Birgit Kindler, Jens V. Kratz, Bettina Lommel, Gottfried Münzenberg, Valeria Pershina, Dennis Renisch, Matthias Schädel, Alexander Yakushev
Observation of in-plane exciton–polaritons in monolayer WSe2 driven by plasmonic nanofingers Guangxu Su, Anyuan Gao, Bo Peng, Junzheng Hu, Yi Zhang, Fanxin Liu, Hao Zhang, Peng Zhan, Wei Wu
Prostate health index (PHI) as a reliable biomarker for prostate cancer: a systematic review and meta-analysis Luisa Agnello, Matteo Vidali, Rosaria Vincenza Giglio, Caterina Maria Gambino, Anna Maria Ciaccio, Bruna Lo Sasso, Marcello Ciaccio
Popular books
Reallexikon der deutschen Literaturwissenschaft Neubearbeitung des Reallexikons der deutschen Literaturgeschichte. Bd. I: A - G. Bd. II: H - O. Bd III: P - Z Georg Braungart, Harald Fricke, Klaus Grubmüller, Jan-Dirk Müller, Friedrich Vollhardt, Klaus Weimar
Critical Race Theory (Third Edition) An Introduction Richard Delgado, Jean Stefancic, Angela Harris
A Theory of Justice Original Edition John Rawls
Mastering the Semi-Structured Interview and Beyond From Research Design to Analysis and Publication Anne Galletta, William E. Cross
Popular articles
Popular in open access
Diagnosis of mast cell activation syndrome: a global “consensus-2” Lawrence B. Afrin, Mary B. Ackerley, Linda S. Bluestein, Joseph H. Brewer, Jill B. Brook, Ariana D. Buchanan, Jill R. Cuni, William P. Davey, Tania T. Dempsey, Shanda R. Dorff, Martin S. Dubravec, Alena G. Guggenheim, Kimberly J. Hindman, Bruce Hoffman, David L. Kaufman, Stephanie J. Kratzer, Theodore M. Lee, Mindy S. Marantz, Andrew J. Maxwell, Kelly K. McCann, Dwight L. McKee, Laurie Menk Otto, Laura A. Pace, Dahra D. Perkins, Laurie Radovsky, Mary S. Raleigh, Sonia A. Rapaport, Emma J. Reinhold, Mark L. Renneker, William A. Robinson, Aaron M. Roland, E. Scott Rosenbloom, Peter C. Rowe, Ilene S. Ruhoy, David S. Saperstein, David A. Schlosser, Jill R. Schofield, Janet E. Settle, Leonard B. Weinstock, Martina Wengenroth, Mark Westaway, Shijun Cindy Xi, Gerhard J. Molderings
Bilirrubina: Medición y utilidad clínica en la enfermedad hepática Armando Raúl Guerra-Ruiz, Javier Crespo, Rosa Maria López Martínez, Paula Iruzubieta, Gregori Casals Mercadal, Marta Lalana Garcés, Bernardo A. Lavin Gomez, Manuel Morales Ruiz
ATP Synthase: Structure, Function and Inhibition Prashant Neupane, Sudina Bhuju, Nita Thapa, Hitesh Kumar Bhattarai