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New books
What Is Theology? Christian Thought and Contemporary Life Adam Kotsko
The Quran: Key Word Collocations, vol. 2 Adjectives, Nouns, Proper Nouns and Verbs Elie Wardini
Hawai'i Is My Haven Race and Indigeneity in the Black Pacific Nitasha Tamar Sharma
Samak the Ayyar A Tale of Ancient Persia Freydoon Rassouli, Jordan Mechner
The Elements A Visual History of Their Discovery Philip Ball
New articles
Possible use of food grade Isomalt material as an EPR dosimeter Asmaa Sobhy, Moshira El-Kelany, Mohamed Sadek Taher, Hasanat G. Bader
Myocardial deformation analysis in late-onset small-for-gestational-age and growth-restricted fetuses using two-dimensional speckle tracking echocardiography: a prospective cohort study Oliver Graupner, Christina Ried, Nadia K. Wildner, Javier U. Ortiz, Bettina Kuschel, Bernhard Haller, Renate Oberhoffer, Annette Wacker-Gußmann, Silvia M. Lobmaier
An E-band Variable Gain Amplifier with 24 dB-control range and 80 to 100 GHz 1 dB bandwidth in SiGe BiCMOS technology Francesco Centurelli, Pietro Monsurrò, Giuseppe Scotti, Pasquale Tommasino, Alessandro Trifiletti
New in open access
Spectral tuning of diamond photonic crystal slabs by deposition of a thin layer with silicon vacancy centers Jan Fait, Marián Varga, Karel Hruška, Alexander Kromka, Bohuslav Rezek, Lukáš Ondič
Impact of serum 25 hydroxyvitamin D deficiency on lipid biomarkers in established coronary artery disease Shaheena Yassir, Madan Gopal Ramarajan, Seema Patil, Shaheen B. Shaikh, Yassir M. Abdulla, Poornima A. Manjrekar
Red reflex variations in black patients Chinwe Abaraoha, Athina Giovanis
Lipschitz regularity for degenerate elliptic integrals with 𝑝, 𝑞-growth Giovanni Cupini, Paolo Marcellini, Elvira Mascolo, Antonia Passarelli di Napoli
Popular books
Reallexikon der deutschen Literaturwissenschaft Neubearbeitung des Reallexikons der deutschen Literaturgeschichte. Bd. I: A - G. Bd. II: H - O. Bd III: P - Z Georg Braungart, Harald Fricke, Klaus Grubmüller, Jan-Dirk Müller, Friedrich Vollhardt, Klaus Weimar
Digital Roots Historicizing Media and Communication Concepts of the Digital Age Gabriele Balbi, Nelson Ribeiro, Valérie Schafer, Christian Schwarzenegger, University of Luxembourg
Qualitative Sozialforschung Ein Arbeitsbuch Aglaja Przyborski, Monika Wohlrab-Sahr
Critical Race Theory (Third Edition) An Introduction Richard Delgado, Jean Stefancic, Angela Harris
Popular articles
Diagnosis of mast cell activation syndrome: a global “consensus-2” Lawrence B. Afrin, Mary B. Ackerley, Linda S. Bluestein, Joseph H. Brewer, Jill B. Brook, Ariana D. Buchanan, Jill R. Cuni, William P. Davey, Tania T. Dempsey, Shanda R. Dorff, Martin S. Dubravec, Alena G. Guggenheim, Kimberly J. Hindman, Bruce Hoffman, David L. Kaufman, Stephanie J. Kratzer, Theodore M. Lee, Mindy S. Marantz, Andrew J. Maxwell, Kelly K. McCann, Dwight L. McKee, Laurie Menk Otto, Laura A. Pace, Dahra D. Perkins, Laurie Radovsky, Mary S. Raleigh, Sonia A. Rapaport, Emma J. Reinhold, Mark L. Renneker, William A. Robinson, Aaron M. Roland, E. Scott Rosenbloom, Peter C. Rowe, Ilene S. Ruhoy, David S. Saperstein, David A. Schlosser, Jill R. Schofield, Janet E. Settle, Leonard B. Weinstock, Martina Wengenroth, Mark Westaway, Shijun Cindy Xi, Gerhard J. Molderings
United States internet searches for “infertility” following COVID-19 vaccine misinformation Nicholas B. Sajjadi, William Nowlin, Ross Nowlin, David Wenger, John Martin Beal, Matt Vassar, Micah Hartwell
Persistent SARS-CoV-2-positive over 4 months in a COVID-19 patient with CHB Wenyuan Li, Beibei Huang, Qiang Shen, Shouwei Jiang, Kun Jin, Ling Ning, Lei Liu, Lei Li
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