Pest Management for Small-Acreage Crops: A Cooperative Global Approach

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Pest Management for Small-Acreage Crops: A Cooperative Global Approach

The pesticide industry is global, with seven companies dominating world markets. The primary crops for which the industry develops pesticides are those that occupy large acreages such as grain and oilseed commodities. Fruits, vegetables, and other smaller-area crops receive attention in proportion to their area. However, such minor crops constitute a major portion of most region's economies and are often a region's best protection against the negative effects of globalization. With a relatively small market potential for any individual crop, pesticide manufacturers need cooperative assistance– with the expense of registration and liability control– from growers and governments. Thus, national minoruse pesticide registration programs are in various stages of development worldwide. There is a need for communication and data-sharing between these programs and for technology transfer to countries that are initiating them. The IUPAC Chemistry and the Environment Division is supporting an information exchange project to address this need. R. Donald Wauchope is Task Group chairman of the project.

The project methodology includes the (1) comparison of minor-use procedures between countries; (2) proposal of harmonization and data-sharing approaches; (3) examination of minimum data requirements for minor uses; (4) examination of extrapolation possibilities: from major to minor crops, from major crops to crop groups, and between climatological zones; and (5) mining available crop residue data for development of a food crop pesticide residues predictive model. We propose to develop an open information system, and we invite participation from all interested parties, with the expectation that improved global consistency in minor use registration procedures will benefit consumers, agriculture, and the environment.


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