EDD Online: What is new in its latest version 3.0

Manfred Markus 1
  • 1 English Department Leopold-Franzens-University, Innsbruck, Austria
Manfred Markus


The recent publication of EDD Online version 3.0 (March 2019), based on Joseph Wright’s English Dialect Dictionary (1898-1905), raises the question of what this last version, again provided by an Innsbruck project team, has added or changed in comparison to the previous ones. This paper describes the main improvements, focusing on five points: (1) the integration of the Supplement, (2) the implementation of a new kwic concordance, (3) the elaboration of the sorting modes applicable on the result lists after queries, (4) the new possibilities of quantifying retrievals, and (5) the elaboration of the last-result mode allowing more parameters and filters to be compatible with each other. The last chapter sketchily refers to further assets of the new version. The paper illustrates all its points by practical examples and screen shots. In doing so, it also provides an introduction to the sophisticated search tools now available in our interface and to the enormous dialectological and lexicographic potential of the digitised version of the most comprehensive English dialect dictionary ever published.

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