According to the Laws Established by the Gods! A Re-Examination of MDP 23, 321+322

Hossein Badamchi 1
  • 1 University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran


In a recent paper, K. De Graef (2018a) discussed two exceptional seal impressions on tablets from late Sukkalmaḫ Susa and early Kidinuid Haft Tepe. One text carrying the first of the pertinent seals is MDP 23, 321+322, a Susa tablet recording a trial over landed property. Following up De Graef’s study, the present communication re-examines the case and argues that the text deals with a single trial, which most likely was a primary court hearing. Certain exceptional features of the text deserve attention, including the institution of brotherhood, a unique citation of law, and an impressive judicial panel.

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