Chemical preparation and crystal structure of an adduct between potassium cyclooctaphosphate and telluric acid: Te(OH)6 · K8P8O24 · 2H2O

U. Schülke, M. T. Averbuch-Pouchot,  and A. Durif


Te(OH)6 · K8P8O24 · 2 H2O is the first example of an adduct between telluric acid and a cyclooctaphosphate. We report its chemical preparation and its atomic arrangement. The title compound is triclinic P[unk], Z = 1 with the following unit cell dimensions: a = 11.315(9), b = 10.67(1), c = 7.547(3) Å α = 108.72(5), β = 100.30(2), γ = 66.80(5)°

Crystal structure was determined and refined to final R = 0.028 for 7265 independent reflections. The atomic arrangement is mainly characterized by the coexistence of independent units of [P8O24]8− ring anions and of Te(OH)6 groups, both centrosymmetric.

The hydrogen bond scheme is described. In addition, the internal symmetries and the geometries of the rare [P8O24]8− ring anions presently investigated are discussed.

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