Li Ion Dynamics in Nanocrystalline and Structurally Disordered Li2TiO3

Harald Brandstätter 1 , Dominik Wohlmuth 1 , Patrick Bottke 1 , Veronika Pregartner 1 ,  and Martin Wilkening 2
  • 1 Institute of Chemistry and Technology of Materials, Stremayrgasse 9, 8010 Graz, Austria
  • 2 Institute of Chemistry and Technology of Materials, CD-lab for Li-Batteries, Stremayrgasse 9, 8010 Graz, Austria


The monoclinic polymorph of Li2TiO3 (β-form) is known to be a relatively poor Li ion conductor. Up to now, no information is available on how the ion transport properties change when going from well-ordered crystalline Li2TiO3 to a structurally disordered form with the same chemical composition. Here, we used high-energy ball milling to prepare nanocrystalline, defect-rich Li2TiO3; ion dynamics have been studied via impedance spectroscopy. It turned out that ball milling offers the possibility to enhance long-range ion transport in the oxide by approximately 3 orders of magnitude. Its effect on the oxide ceramic is two-fold: besides the introduction of a large number of defects, the originally μm-sized crystallites are decreased to crystallites with a mean diameter of less than 50 nm. This process is accompanied by a mechanically induced phase transformation towards the α-form of Li2TiO3; besides that, a significant amount of amorphous materials is produced during milling. Structural disorder in nanocrystalline as well as amorphous Li2TiO3 is anticipated to play the capital role in governing Li ion dynamics of the sample finally obtained.

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