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Das Ausland (1828–1893)
Foreign Countries 1828–1893. Daily / Weekly Ethnological Review. Microfiche edition with handbook. Based on the editorial copy in the Cotta-Archiv (Foundation of the "Stuttgarter Zeitung")

Tagblatt/Wochenschrift für Kunde des geistigen und sittlichen Lebens der Völker. Nach dem Redaktionsexemplar im Cotta-Archiv (Stiftung der "Stuttgarter Zeitung")

Edited by: Deutsches Literaturarchiv

Along with Dr. A. Petermann's Mittheilungen aus Justus Perthes' geographischer Anstalt (18551913), Das Ausland is the most important popular geographical journal of the 19th century. It was published from 1828 to 1893 under a series of prominent editors in several different places, initially, from 1828 to 1852, as a daily and after 1857 as a weekly journal. Like the editorial copies of the Morgenblatt and the Augsburg 'Allgemeine Zeitung' , the editorial copy of Das Ausland preserved in the Cotta-Archiv is the only one of its kind. Its unique value as source material lies in the hand written entries giving the names of the authors, translaters and correspondents, made originally for remuneration purposes.

The subject indexes and indexes of names which were originally published yearly have now been enlarged to provide the first complete index of authors' names. Together the indexes offer an overview of subject areas and themes and make the selection of relevant articles possible. The encyclopaedic form of Das Ausland makes it especially valuable as a source for research in cultural history. It contains original contributions and translations:

  • Correspondence from all Continents;
  • Travel reports;
  • Geographical and natural history news, statistical reports on trade and industry, customs and traditions, and
  • Maps, plans and pictures as lithographical supplement.

The microfiche edition comes with a handbook including collation details, providing an overview and making it easier to use.