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Sämtliche Werke – Historisch-kritische Ausgabe
Complete Works: Historical-Critical Edition

Edited by: Lothar Mundt, Wolfgang Neuber and Thomas Rahn

Alongside Gryphius, the Silesian poet Daniel Casper von Lohenstein (1635-1683) was one of the most important writers of the German Baroque. He was a lawyer, emissary, and imperial councilor, and published a large number of masterful tragedies in addition to his principal creative opus, the large-scale but unfinished novel Arminius, which is regarded as a roman à clef about social and political conditions in the Holy Roman Empire following the Thirty Years’ War. Lohenstein’s works always contain a wealth of intellectual and educational substance and are characterized by flashy effects and lively plots in the style of Baroque theater. Until now, only the dramas (1953ff.) and poems (1992) have appeared in individual editions. The Berlin project thus represents the first complete historical-critical edition with comprehensive commentary. In addition to Lohenstein’s literary works, the volume also includes letters and life testimonies, which deepen our understanding of the author, his times, and his works. The overall edition encompasses 25 volumes and is divided into six sections:

Abteilung I: Lyrik
(Bearbeiter: Ursula Paintner und Claus Zittel)
1./2. Lyrik - Text u. Varianten
3. Kommentar

Abteilung II: Dramen
(Bearbeiter: Lothar Mundt)
1.1. Ibrahim Bassa. Cleopatra - Text u. Varianten
1.2. Kommentar
2.1. Aggrippina. Epicharis - Text u. Varianten
2.2. Kommentar
3.1. Ibrahim Sultan. Sophonisbe - Text u. Varianten
3.2. Kommentar

Abteilung III: Arminius
(Bearbeiter: Stefanie Dietzsch, Thomas Rahn und Claus Zittel)

1.-9. Text und Varianten
10. Kommentar

Abteilung IV: Kleinere Prosa
(Bearbeiter: Lothar Mundt, Wolfgang Neuber und Claus Zittel)
1. Text und Varianten
2. Kommentar

Abteilung V: Übersetzungen
(Bearbeiter: Sebastian Neumeister)
1. Text und Varianten
2. Kommentar

Abteilung VI: Briefe, amtliche Schriften, Lebensdokumente, historische Dokumente zur Wirkungsgeschichte

(Bearbeiter: Wolfgang Neuber und Thomas Rahn)
1. Text
2. Kommentar

In addition to a volume of commentary containing detailed information about the history of the material, sources, facts, and intertextual references, each of the editions also includes a precise directory of bibliographical resources, a comprehensive bibliography of the research literature, as well as an index of names. Thus, the editors are presenting what is sure to become the authoritative scholarly edition of the works of this important Baroque poet. For the first time, this edition will make Lohenstein and his complete works fully accessible to research.

  • Sure to become the authoritative historical-critical edition of the works of this important Baroque poet
  • Including an edition of correspondence and the most important life testimonies
  • Features extensive commentary and documentation
  • Edited by the Research Center for Medieval German Literature of the Freie Universität Berlin

Author Information

Die Ausgabe wird an der Freien Universität Berlin betreut: Wolfgang Neuber ist Professor für Mittlere Deutsche Literatur, Lothar Mundt ist Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter und Thomas Rahn Wissenschaftlicher Assistent am Institut für Deutsche und Niederländische Philologie.