Abteilung 9: Der handschriftliche Nachlaß ab Frühjahr 1885 in differenzierter Transkription nach Marie-Luise Haase und Michael Kohlenbach [9/4ff]
Section 9: The Manuscript Legacy Starting from Spring 1885 in Differentiated Transcription by Marie-Luise Haase and Michael Kohlenbach [9/4FF]

in Nietzsche Werke
Edited by: Marie-Luise Haase, Hubert Thüring,  and Martin Stingelin

The publication of Section IX signifies the completion of the Critical Edition of Friedrich Nietzsche's Complete Works. The texts Nietzsche wrote into his notebooks and exercise books from 1885 to 1889 are now to be published in their entirety, including other notes from his last creative period found in older notebooks or notes now collected in folders.

For the first time a complete and edited documentation of Nietzsche's unpublished material will be presented in a manner which preserves its typical note-like character. The publication of the manuscripts from 1885 to 1889 will provide Nietzsche scholars with a reliable and clear basis for interpretation, and the connections in the author's thought, writing and works will become visible. Each volumealsocontains a CD-ROM, which provides the representations of the unpublished manuscript facsimiles. Furthermore, the CD-ROM includes the critical supplements in their current state.