Test Cover Image of:  DaZ-Forschung [DaZ-For]

DaZ-Forschung [DaZ-For]
GSL Research. German as a Second Language, Multilingualism and Migration

Deutsch als Zweitsprache, Mehrsprachigkeit und Migration

Edited by: Bernt Ahrenholz, Christine Dimroth, Beate Lütke and Martina Rost-Roth
e-ISSN 2192-3728

The DaZ-Forschung series presents current research on the acquisition of German as a second language and on education opportunities in the context of migration and multilingualism, in the form of monographs or anthologies. The volumes range from empirical and theory-forming studies through to application-oriented articles from the fields of second language acquisition, applied linguistics, education research, language didactics and language teaching.

In thematic terms the series contains articles on sociolinguistic and psycholinguistic aspects, on the structure and dynamics of learner languages, on language production and language comprehension as well as intervention studies and research on classroom teaching and conditions of language acquisition. DaZ-Forschung is the first part of the three-part series cluster that will be augmented by theDaZ Handbooks series and theDaZ Textbooks series shortly.

  • Series of publications focusing fully on German as a second language (GSL)
  • Published by GSL researchers with various perspectives on the field of research
  • Wide range of empirical and theory-forming studies
  • Broad range of content: research on second language acquisition, research on multilingualism, psycholinguistics, applied linguistics, intercultural communication, education research, language didactics and language teaching

Author Information

Bernt Ahrenholz, Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena; Christine Dimroth, Universität Osnabrück; Beate Lütke, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin; Martina Rost-Roth, Universität Augsburg