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Interdisziplinäre Anthropologie

Edited by: Detlev Ganten, Volker Gerhardt, Jan-Christoph Heilinger and Julian Nida-Rümelin

With the conclusion of the Human Genome Project and the continuing advancement of research in the life sciences, the question of the self-understanding of man has become ever more relevant. The newly gained knowledge about man must be analyzed, processed and evaluated. This question of human self-understanding‑ so crucial for our actions and evaluations and also our orientation in the world‑ is therefore being posed not only by the life sciences, but also by cultural studies. Here, however the researchers are confronted with the challenge that familiar intuitions have become obsolete, established terminologies are not available and that the new insights may require fundamentally new answers.

The series Humanprojekt takes on this challenge. It creates a platform for carrying on a dialogue between the natural and social sciences and the humanities on the multifaceted dimensions of the questions regarding man‑ a dialogue that is both research-relevant and publicly effective.

Monographs and theme-focused collective volumes, written by well-known researchers, comprehensively explore the individual elements of current anthropology. A systematic overview and many different interdisciplinary references to the latest research and scholarship distinguish the volumes as reference works for the respective topic.

  • Up-to-date reference works on anthropology
  • Analysis and evaluation of the latest developments in the life sciences
  • Top-ranked scientists
  • Interdisciplinary competence
  • Clear explanation of all terms used: ideal reference works for an interested general readership