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Mar'ot. The Jewish Modern in Sources and Works

Die jüdische Moderne in Quellen und Werken

Edited by: Christian Wiese
e-ISSN 2192-967X
From the beginnings of the Enlightenment to the present day, Jews have been thinking about the Jewish self-conception and the conditio humana in the modern. This has led not only to a modern Jewish historiography, philosophy and philology, but also to a fascinating literature of Jewish reflections on political, philosophical and secular issues. The Shoah and the founding of the state of Israel has provided this thinking with important new points of reference. The aim of the series is to newly publish sources and works which are hard to access or hidden and which are important to the understanding of Jewish history and Jewish thinking since the 17th century. The new editions of these sources and works are provided with commentaries and academic introductions. The Hebrew title of the series, Mar’ot (‘mirrors’) references the multifaceted development through which Judaism, in the diverse ‘mirrors’ of tradition, contemporary culture and the experience of integration and discrimination, has produces new, modern concepts of Jewish identity, often determined by various degrees of ‘refraction’.

Author Information

Christian Wiese, Goethe-Universität, Frankfurt/M.