Test Cover Image of:  Media Convergence / Medienkonvergenz

Media Convergence / Medienkonvergenz

Edited by: Stefan Aufenanger, Dieter Doerr, Stephan Füssel, Oliver Quiring,  and Karl Nikolaus Renner
On behalf of Forschungsschwerpunkt Medienkonvergenz der Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz
e-ISSN 2194-024X

The interdisciplinary series examines the effects of digitization on existing media, forms of communication, educational institutions, media markets and the use of media in the population at large. The series also highlights the changes taking place in social, cultural, political, economic and legal spheres. Its aim is to create a critical record of this new cultural potential and its creative opportunities and to study them in depth.

  • The effects of digitization on society and its media, viewed for the first time from an interdisciplinary perspective
  • Historical positioning of the “media revolution” and future-oriented analysis of the present

Author Information

Stephan Füssel, Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz