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Manuals of Romance Linguistics

Edited by: Günter Holtus and Fernando Sánchez-Miret

The series Manuals of Romance Linguistics (MRL) aims to present a comprehensive, state-of-the-art overview of Romance linguistics. It will comprise approximately 60 volumes that can either be consulted individually or used as a series of books providing a detailed overall picture of the current state of research in Romance linguistics. A special focus will be placed on the presentation and analysis of the smaller languages, the linguae minores, which the two older reference works of the discipline, Lexikon der Romanistischen Linguistik (1988–2005) and Romanische Sprachgeschichte (2003–2008) did not discuss in detail, as well as on current research trends.

Author Information

Günter Holtus, Universität Göttingen, Germany; Fernando Sánchez-Miret, Universidad de Salamanca, Spain.