Test Cover Image of:  SpatioTemporality / RaumZeitlichkeit

SpatioTemporality / RaumZeitlichkeit

Practices-Concepts-Media / Praktiken - Konzepte - Medien

Edited by: Sebastian Dorsch, Bärbel Frischmann, Holt Meyer, Susanne Rau, Sabine Schmolinsky and Katharina Waldner

The aim of the series is interdisciplinary scholarly exchange pertaining to practices and concepts in the double perspective of space and time in studies informed by current theoretical approaches. Spatiality and temporality are treated as constructs in inextricable correlation with each other in contexts both historical and contemporary. The core concern is the role of space and time in people’s sociocultural and life-world concepts of themselves and in media representations.


Dr. Sebastian Dorsch: sebastian.dorsch@uni-erfurt.de

Prof. Dr. Bärbel Frischmann: baerbel.frischmann@uni-erfurt.de

Prof. Dr. Holt Meyer: holt.meyer@uni-erfurt.de

Prof. Dr. Susanne Rau: susanne.rau@uni-erfurt.de

Prof. Dr. Sabine Schmolinsky: sabine.schmolinsky@uni-erfurt.de

Prof. Dr. Katharina Waldner: katharina.waldner@uni-erfurt.de

Editorial Board:

Jean-Marc Besse (Centre national de la recherche scientifique de Paris)

Petr Bilek (Univerzita Karlova v Praze)

Fraya Frehse (Universidade de São Paulo)

Harry Maier (Vancouver School of Theology)

Elisabeth Millán (DePaul University, Chicago)

Simona Slanicka (Universität Bern )

Jutta Vinzent (University of Birmingham)

Guillermo Zermeño (Colegio de México)

  • Space and Time: new double perspectives on practices, concepts and media
  • Interdisciplinary Studies

Author Information

Sebastian Dorsch, Bärbel Frischmann, Holt Meyer, Susanne Rau, Sabine Schmolinsky, Katharina Waldner, Universität Erfurt.