Test Cover Image of:  Das Gleiche im Verschiedenen

Das Gleiche im Verschiedenen
The Same in the Different. Sport Metaphors and Praise of the Victor in Pindar's Epinikia

Metapher des Sports und Lob des Siegers in Pindars Epinikien

The Greek poet Pindar (c. 520-440 BC) wrote odes honouring the victors of Greek sporting festivals such as the Olympic Games. They have long been a source of curiosity to scholars, particularly since they appear to mention the victor only in passing. This book,using the methodologyof Charles S. Peirce’s semioticsand byreconstructing the cultural historical setting, reveals that this impression is misleading: in songs with a coherent and meaningful structure, Pindar uses elaborate sporting metaphors to praise the victorsexuberantly and presents them as present-day heroes.

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